MESX is the Index Fund Microequity Token of Microequity Stock Exchange. 



Listing: MESE.ioListing Date: September 28, 2020Pair: ARCC/MESXIssuer: IBMR.ioProtocol: Algorand ASACirculating Supply: 10,000,000 MESXMaximum Supply: 5,000,000,000 MESX


The World’s First Index Fund Exchange Token Powered by DeFi

MESX is an index exchange token that is supercharged by our community through DeFi. Your liquidity farming yields build the foundation and value of the token and every single trade on brings 50% net trading revenue back to an ever growing MESX Index Pool.  MESX is:● The index fund token of giving exposure to the microequities on the exchange ● Hybrid DeFi model with an exchange token that gives revenue share through increased contributions to the Index fund's pool of assets while replenishing the MESX staking pool at the same time ● Backed by a pool of the listed tech stocks on and ARCC, the Asia Reserve Currency Coin
The new token model combines both exchange token and DeFi token economics bringing increased liquidity which allows for a virtuous circle of revenue, staking and token value.



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A DeFi Index Exchange Token Model

MESX Tokenomics

MESX as an Index ETF was issued with 10,000,000 (10M) tokens backed by $10,000 for an initial price of 0.001 USD per token.  
For every $10,000 worth of new contribution, only 2,500,000 (2.5M) will be issued, creating an increasing scarcity model based on equity contribution exceeding newly issued circulation supply. 
MESX's max supply is 5,000,000,000 (5B) tokens for circulation. 

Exchange Token

50% of Net Transaction Revenue on is used to buy new contributions to the Index Pool.
Upon hitting the maximum supply cap, 5% of Net Transaction Revenue will continue to buy new contributions to the Index Pool indefinitely with no new issuance of supply.

DeFi Mechanism

MESX is paired with ARCC. Both MESX and ARCC can be simultaneously staked.  
Every new contribution to the Index Pool also releases new supply. 10% of the new supply automatically goes towards replenishing the MESX staking pool!

Index Pool

Acts as the underlying assets for the Index Fund, which is composed of the assets listed on the Microequity Stock Exchange, including ARCC.
New contributions of assets will always be selected from the assets listed on Any new type of asset for the Index Pool must be listed on first as a microequity to be included.

Reserve Mechanism

The Index Pool acts as the 'Buyer of Last Resort' when the price of MESX falls below the valuation of the Index Pool (total holdings + rate of growth). 
The ARCC in the Index Pool is used to buy back MESX from the market.
This decision will be made by the professional management team that also manages the Reserve. This function will transition to the IBMR Monetary Council. 

MESX II and Onwards

The DeFi Index Exchange Token Model of MESX will form the basis for subsequent Index ETF's with MESX as a core component.
This will continue the virtuous circle of the Hybrid DeFi model allowing future new users to participate in wealth creation and revenue sharing while rewarding current users with continued gains.




MESX will have 25% of its initial supply available for staking rewards. i.e. 2,500,000 MESX Round 1 = +25% early adopter value
50% Net Transaction Revenue Share of goes to the contribution of new equity purchases for the Index Pool.
Consequential for every new $10,000 in equity contribution, only 50% of supply of the value of the equity will be released. i.e. Supply is only increased by 50% of the equity value after the initial launch.
10% of all new supply goes to the MESX DeFi Staking pool.
EXAMPLE:Round 1, Launch: 10,000 USD Equity Pool7,500,000 MESX in circulation2,500,000 MESX in staking pool
Round 1, User Value:+25% of supply for staking rewards
Round 2, 1st Contribution20,000 USD Equity Pool (10,000 R1 + 10,000 R2) =5,000,000 MESX New Supply Released =+ 4,500,000 MESX into circulation+ 500,000 MESX into staking pool
Resulting in:15,000,000 MESX Total Circulation3,000,000 MESX Total Staking Pool
Round 2, User Value:+33% increase in equity value per MESX token+16.6% increase in staking pool
This Hybrid DeFi structure between an exchange token and DeFi liquidity provider mechanism increases liquidity to allow for a virtuous circle of revenue, staking and equity token value.

Be part of world's first Microequity Index supercharged with DeFi!

Try MESX in just four simple steps


Sign Up & Register

Just by registering on, you will receive the MESX microequity, which represents an index composition of all the microequity listed on


Buy Some ARCC

MESX can only be bought with ARCC as a trading pair. ARCC itself will be made available for free through when it launches in November 2020!



Both MESX and ARCC can be staked. The MESX/ARCC pair lets you accumulate value regardless of which token you are holding. Even as you trade between the pairs, you still gain value from being in either position!


Enter the DeFi

50% of the net transaction trading revenue goes to buying and increasing the MESX pool of equity! As the trading volume grows, so will the equity pool and the MESX staking pool. Unlike other tokens, the staking rewards will always be there!




  • How do you buy MESX?

    You can buy MESX through the exchange site with the ARCC token. MESX will also be made available at through auction before the end of 2020.

  • Is MESX a DeFi token?

    MESX is a DeFi token, even though it's on a centralized platform. MESX can be staked on and can earn further rewards. Revenue from goes directly towards increasing both the staking pool and the index pool that back MESX.

  • What is the token model of MESX? 

    To maintain stability, the 50% net revenue share will continue until a maximum cap of 5 Billion MESX tokens, which represent approximately 11 Million in equity assets. After the maximum supply cap is reached, 5% of Net Revenues of will be used to buy stock equity for the index ETF pool indefinitely. MESX will be enabled as a governance token for its index ETF fund after the maximum cap is reached. At which time MESX II will be issued starting with 45% net revenue share and the same DeFi exchange token model. MESX tokens will be released into the market on a daily constant schedule.

  • What Protocol is MESX made on?

    MESX is an Algorand Standard Asset (ASA ID 438831) on the Algorand blockchain. 

  • Can I only buy MESX with ARCC?

    For now, yes, ARCC is the only trading pair with MESX. This was done as part of our DeFi model for the token. 

  • How does staking work with MESX & ARCC?

    Once you buy ARCC or MESX, a rolling staking function is activated automatically by just holding and/or trading your ARCC or MESX in your account balance. A snapshot will be taken every 48 hours, and depending on your balance at that time, you will receive extra ARCC or extra MESX tokens.

  • How much are staking rewards for MESX & ARCC?

    The staking rewards will be determined on a day to day basis to optimize the liquidity and trading volume on

  • Can I move MESX to my own wallet?

    Yes, MESX can be moved to any wallet that supports ASA's (Algorand Standard Asset) such as

  • What is the 'double staking' model for MESX & ARCC?

    The double staking model for ARCC and MESX is a way for us to increase liquidity on both sides of the trading pair. Allowing staking on both sides gives traders the ability to confidently go in and out of both positions. And by increasing liquidity on the trading pair itself, it will translate into increased revenue. That increased revenue then contributes to both ARCC's reserve, as well as MESX's index pool. Which in turn increases the supply and the staking rewards as well.Essentially, we are creating a positive feedback loop whereby increasing the liquidity, increases the revenue, which increases the equity contribution, which increases the value of the token itself. All of which is jump started by the DeFi liquidity mechanism that we find in 'double staking'.

  • How does MESX work? 

    MESX is a hybrid model between a DeFi token and a CeFi exchange token. As supply is increased, the ability for you to stake the token and to earn further rewards for holding the token or adding liquidity for the token increases. Meanwhile, 50% of the net revenue from goes to continually increasing the underlying value of the pool of MESX. This creates a virtuous circle of revenue, staking and token value.

  • Where else is MESX listed?

    At this time, MESX is only listed on and will also be released for purchase on in early 2021.  

  • How is the Index determined? 

    The composition of the Index is determined by taking a blend of the current microequities listed on This is not done on an equal basis and is done to maximize the value of the index pool within the parameters of the listed microequities. 

  • Why is there ARCC in the Index?

    ARCC is included in the pool as the index 'Alpha' that has the potential to give additional value above the 'Beta' of the listed equities. Also the ARCC in the pool is used when the Index Pool acts as 'the buyer of last resort.'

  • When are more equities added to the pool?

    More equity/stocks are added on the basis of the revenue of with 50% of the net transactional revenue going to the purchase of new equity/stocks. 

  • When is the supply of MESX increased? 

    Whenever new equity/stock are bought for the Index Pool, new supply will be released into circulation at 50% of the equity value. Of the new supply, 10% will go directly into the MESX staking pool.  

  • Are stocks in the equity pool ever sold?

    No. The equity within the pool is never sold unless the microequity is delisted on or if the fund management believes that it is better value to transition to another equity weighting within the pool, i.e. that it is better to sell an overly high priced stock and then move those gains into a better value stock thus preserving the increased stock value.   

  • Where is the custody of MESX Pool?

    The pool is held under custody, while the MESX tokens are held in custody with Custody Digital Group.   

  • What makes MESX a better DeFi model?

    As an innovation, MESX brings together three different types of token models into a single model. Both ARCC and MESX are able to be staked, and that liquidity creates more revenue and that revenue goes towards backing and contributing to the underlying value of the MESX index pool. That index pool acts as a token reserve in some respects because it is also a 'buyer of last resort'. So, you have the best of three worlds (as a reserve token, an exchange token, and a DeFi token) found in MESX and ARCC.

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